At the gym we focus on various exercises, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Cardio Sessions

  • Resistance Training

  • High Intensity Interval Training 

  • Obstacle Course Race Training

  • TRX

  • CrossFit Sessions

  • Weight Lifting Sessions

Our indoor sessions are one hour long each and they are held around 10 times per week. 

Training Schedule

Normally we have an early morning session for those early risers who like to do some training before beginning a day's work; and we also have afternoon sessions for those who prefer to end their day with a workout.


Outdoor Training

As a team we take part in various obstacle course races in Malta and abroad. Our OCR sessions are generally held outdoors including trail runs, swimming and hill sprints while we get all muddy....

We currently participate in;

  • The Grid Sprint

  • The Grid Main Event

  • Hold the Fort

  • Gridlock

  • Tough Mudder

  • and others.

We start training sessions about three months prior to the event. The Club offers a package for each event which includes all training sessions, training and event gear and also the actual event ticket.


Personal Training

We have recently included personal training sessions which include tailor made diet plan depending on the nutrition perfences as well as dietary restrictions of the individual.

There are also different options available depending on the duration desired by the individual. The options include one month or three months one-to-one sessions as well as unlimited access to classes. The Grid and any other event preparation sessions are not included in the unlimited package.


Events & Competitions

The Club also takes part in some of the island's main events and competitions including:

  • M2S (Mdina to Spinola)

  • Attard 10K

  • Zurrieq 10K

  • Malta Half Marathon

  • Gaudos 10K

  • Mqabba 5K

  • Safi 5K

  • Dingli 10K


Little Clubberz

We believe in the motto "Start them Young" and this is exactly what we do with our Little Clubberzzz..

Kids Training sessions are held on a weekly basis, generally on a Saturday, so as not to interfere with any school work. The sessions are a combination of indoor and outdoor sessions where we focus on building the kids' strength and stamina, but we mostly focus on instilling in them a love for sport and for living a healthy lifestyle.

Age Groups

For our Kids Training sessions we take kids from the age of 6 - 14.

OCR for Kids

We also prepare our kids for OCR events and other sporting competitions.


Team Building

The Club Fitness Centres offers team building services. Get in touch with us to find out more about our team building options.