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I started our first sessions at THE CLUB, which is based in Zurrieq, in 2017. Back then the family was much smaller however as time passed, the group continued growing better and stronger.

In summer 2019 we moved to a bigger area and we continued to focus more and more on strength, conditioning and intense interval training. We have also introduced OCR workout sessions, which are very popular among our members.

We started with the vision of building a team, but instead we built a family! At The Club we do not only train at our gym but we also take part in various races in Malta and Gozo. We actively take part in the most popular OCR events on the island and in 2019, for the first time, we went to the UK to take part as a team in the Tough Mudder....and we were a huge hit!!

At The Club we are constantly growing, constantly evolving and getting better.

It's what we call "The Club Way".

The Club Owner and Coach
Julian Briffa

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